Lari Hahtonen
Lari HahtonenPresident
Lari Hahtonen is a polymer enthusiast who has worked within the plastics industry for over a decade. Lari works for his family business Aikolon Oy in Finland, the northernmost member of EPDA based in the city of Oulu.

Born in 1981, Lari loves travelling with his family. He is happily married and proud father of his son and daughter. He is also an active member of Round Table organization both on a national and international level. Plastic is fantastic!

Selman Ornek
Selman OrnekVice President
Selman Ornek is General Coordinator at Kahvecioglu Plastik,which was established in 1988 with the purpose distributing engineering plastics in Istanbul. In 1999, as a student at Istanbul University, Business Administration Faculty, he also successfully held down a part-time job in his family’s company, helping to ensure its future success as a market leader in plastics technology before joining full time in 2003. Since then plastic is not just plastic for him. Selman is 35 , married and likes to explore new culture and cities to harmonize history.
Cíntia Rebelo
Cíntia RebeloBoard Member
Markus Wehinger
Markus WehingerBoard Member
Maurizio Adreani
Maurizio AdreaniBoard Member