As the market-leading supplier of sheet material, 3A Composites offers a unique variety of branded products. The company’s core markets cover everything from direct-to-substrate digital printing and screen printing, exhibition and shop design, signage as well as POS/POP applications. The variety of products shows that 3A Composites is not only focusing on one specific material. The company offers aluminum composite, acrylic glass, PET, PVC, polycarbonate sheets as well as different styrenics, paper, and lightweight foam boards.

The current trend to live on a greener side of life has changed the consciousness of the human being as well as of 3A Composites. The company has its top 100% Recyclable – 100% Ecological products:


  • DISPA® lives up to everything you would expect from a sign and display board – flat, smooth surface, excellent printability – and a unique design made of 100% FSC®-certified paper (FSC® C127595). That is the reason why DISPA® is fully recyclable. The unique structure of embossed formed paper which gives the sheet its strength and rigidity makes DISPA® the perfect solution for short term promotional campaigns.


  • SMART-X® is the distinctive and unique lightweight all-plastic polystyrene foam board for sophisticated applications in the field of visual communication. SMART-X® offers excellent characteristics in terms of processing. SMART-X® combines extremely low weight with high rigidity and flatness. On top of that, SMART-X® is a mono-material composite made from 100% polystyrene. This provides excellent conditions for recycling.


  • LUMEX® A is premium quality amorphous polyethylene terephthalate (A-PET) sheets. They are suited to flat and cold bending applications. LUMEX® A sheets offer a unique combination of excellent properties, an extremely high chemical resistance and occupy an unrivaled ecological position amongst fully transparent and translucent sheet materials. Following the recycling trend, 3A Composites invested in a new production line for PET and increased the capacity by 7.000 t per year.


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