The family company Kerttrade Kft. was the first on the Hungarian market to supply modern plastic materials for signmakers and for construction purposes at the beginning of 90’s.

Today the company, which is led now by the second generation, is to slowly reach its 30th anniversary.  When having a close-up view, every decade or every year of operation encompasses different challenges, milestones or successes.

Kerttrade offers the value proposition of being an “expert of quality plastics”.

We believe we dare to declare this statement from ourselves since, in the past three decades besides the company grow out from a small office to a distributing and processing company, we have built up valuable cooperation with many customers and suppliers.

The company has today about 4000+1000sqm covered and outdoor warehousing space, with most of it fully packed with semi-finished materials, mainly polycarbonate both solid and multiwall, extruded and cast acrylic, completed by engineering plastics.

This wide range of plastic material we deliver into different customer segments, starting from small private customers, including decorators, sign makers, building companies, industrial processers and to our countrywide reseller network.

We introduce and list our products in the online shop with the purpose of serving as a compass in the fields of plastic sheets, rods, tubs, and all the belonging accessories. We aim to provide full and quality information for those who are looking for a certain application of plastic material. The site allows easy navigation among the specific semi-finished materials (plastics that need further processing) and enables the visitors to get along quickly and order online independently.

We aim to become not a sole distributor company, but also a workshop offering processed parts and products to end customers. For this reason, we offer services such as CNC cutting, milling, laser-cutting, bending, polishing, etc.

We always considered that supporting and educating customers as part of our mission, but recently social and environmental responsibility is becoming the most important challenge. We believe sustainability and recycling issues belong to our function. We are committed to this field, believing sustainability as the most essential thing to solve in the coming years.