The following are just a few of the many reasons for becoming a member of EPDA.

They include numerous advantages resulting from EPDA’s affiliation with the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD).

Business relationships

with potential suppliers & customers
At EPDA events, to build the demand for distribution

Industry Information

about new products, news & trends
Newsletters, events and members’ only resources

Educational Resources

in association with IAPD
Access to IAPD resources

Major Cost Savings

on resources and events
Free newsletter and The IAPD Magazine and access to Membership Directory. Discounted fees for EPDA & IAPD events

Build business relationships which last

  • At the EPDA’s Annual Conference and other events
  • Network with others to build the demand for distribution
  • Gain access to existing and potential suppliers and customers

Information on new products, industry news and trends

  • Receive the EPDA quarterly Newsletter
  • Access the EPDA website members-only area
  • Get The IAPD Magazine subscription for six issues annually free
  • Attend market segment sessions at the EPDA Annual Conference

Immediate Past President, EPDA

The EPDA brings invaluable benefits to its unique membership of small and large plastics distributors and manufacturers alike, with informative and educational conference content, expert speakers and workshops and, of course, the networking and fun had by all. Its affiliation with the IAPD has opened up significant opportunities for educational material, interaction with our North American colleagues and the capacity to innovate together in areas such as sustainability and environmental issues, a factor that will have an ever-increasing influence on our businesses.

David Ladyman, Vink Holdings Ltd

Affordable educational resources

  • Introduction to Plastics, a valuable resource for every plastics sales professional, available in multiple languages at member-only rates
  • A 20% discount on IAPD non-member rates on educational materials, advertising, exhibiting, sponsorships and any other IAPD product or service eg IAPD Annual Convention, IAPD Certificate Programs, Introduction to Plastics (English version) and webinars

Benefits of Joining the EPDA

  • Build business relationships that last
  • Gain recognition and influence
  • Affordable educational resources
  • Information about new products and industry news, and trends
  • Major cost savings

Enjoy major cost savings

  • Free subscriptions for your key staff to information resources, such as the EPDA Newsletter and The IAPD Magazine
  • Discounted registration fees for the EPDA Annual Conference and other events
  • Listing in the Membership Directory
  • 20% discount on non-member registration fees for the IAPD Annual Convention
  • 15% discount on print and online advertising with the IAPD


Distributor: Annual Conference & events 60%
Manufacturer: Annual Conference & events 40%
Publicity fee for press releases for sections of The IAPD Magazine 20%
IAPD print and online advertising 15%
IAPD educational materials, exhibiting etc 20%

Gain recognition and influence

  • Shape the plastics industry through active involvement in committees
  • Demonstration of your commitment to distribution
  • Awards for application innovation
  • Free placement for press releases, product releases and literature promotions in EPDA publications and on the website
  • A 20% discount on the IAPD publicity fee for any press releases for the People & Places, Application Showcase and Product Showcase sections of The IAPD Magazine, if approved