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The Global Plastics Letter is now in its 15th year with many charter subscribers continuing to believe that information is power.

Global Plastics Letter

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Upping the Environmental Credentials of Plastics

The pressure continues to rise on global resources with a burgeoning population that requires feeding, clothing and energy sources. In this scenario plastics materials play a vital role in preserving foodstuffs, enabling the supply of clean water, providing durable clothing, lightweight transportation and long-term, low-maintenance construction materials. However, to ensure a continuing supply of plastics there must be recovery of the polymers after use in some form.  The current options include primarily recycling, but also plastics to fuel, burning for energy and chemical degradation back to the primary monomers to recreate virgin plastics. The latter is still being developed, mainly in Japan and needs to get to an economically viable scale. The options will be discussed at the AMI international conference on End of Life Plastics 2014, with a welcome evening on 16th June and a programme of presentations on 17-18 June 2014 in Dusseldorf.

The Chinese have a vast recycling industry that has been importing from the rest of the world and this will be highlighted in a market paper by Dr. Steve Wong Chor Kie the Managing Director of Fukutomi Company and Executive President of the China Scrap Plastics Association. From Europe Ton Emans, President of Plastics Recyclers Europe, will give an overview of recycling. Scandinavia has a well-deserved reputation for “going green” and the region has put in place a variety of options for plastics waste from energy recovery to recycling, which will be presented by Professor Christer Forsgren of Stena Recyling International. From Belgium, Group Machiels has plans to mine landfill sites for valuable resources such as plastics.

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Speakers Discuss Energy Harvesting

Delegates from 23 countries will converge in Berlin on 1-2 April at Energy Harvesting & Storage – Europe’s leading event on the topic. The event features end users across multiple verticals presenting and attending to discuss their key energy harvesting needs.

The conference and tradeshow looks at the diverse range of technologies – both within energy harvesting but also related technologies, such as Wearable Technology, Smart Glass, the Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Storage and Supercapacitors. This reflects the broad opportunities of the technology and saves attendees time and money by bringing together these value chains in one location.

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EPDA Member Nick Kraguljac Receives Prestigious Appointment from Austrian President

Nick KraguljacEPDA congratulates Nick Kraguljac, who was recently honored by the President of the Republic of Austria with the title “Kommerzialrat.” The appointment was based on an endorsement by the Secretary of Commerce and the Secretary of Justice, together with the nomination by the Austrian Federation of Economy. Having accepted the title, Mr. Kraguljac is entitled to preside as independent judge in the Austrian court of trade and economic affairs.

The Austrian title “Kommerzialrat” is bestowed upon persons who have had an outstanding record of economic influence on the Republic, professional skills and personal integrity and have served actively over a long period of time in the Austrian Economic Federation. According to Mr. Kraguljac, “It may be possible for me to serve on a presiding court, but as this type of judge is a lay judge, in reality such judges are very seldom called up to serve. This very old title goes back to the time when Austria was an Empire and it used to be an appointment to full judge. Today, only such Kommerzialräte are called who also have a formal university degree in law. As I do not have a full law degree, only several law credits within my MBA, I do not expect to act as Judge too often. Nevertheless, I am quite proud of it.”

Nick Kraguljac is a member of the board of directors of the Klepsch-Group, including the ZL-corporations in the United States. Amongst other positions he is Director of Sales and Marketing of Zell-Metall Austria, a long-time European Plastics Distributors Association (EPDA) member company. The ZL-corporations are members of IAPD and Mr. Kraguljac is a former IAPD board member. He currently serves on the IAPD International Strategy Task Force. In addition, he is head of the Chemical Industry of the State of Salzburg, is a board member of the Chemical Federation of Austria and serves in various sector groups of the European Plastic Converters, which is part of the European Union (EU) organization in Brussels, Belgium. Currently he is involved in a committee to reduce plastic waste going to landfills and another committee working toward the free trade agreements between the EU and United States.

EU 10/2011 Compliant Stock Shapes for Food Industry from Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Quadrant Food Grade semi-finished stock shapes with Food Grade and traceability labels.

Quadrant Food Grade semi-finished stock shapes with Food Grade and traceability labels.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) offers fully tested thermoplastic stock shapes complying with the European Union Regulation (EU) 10/2011.

The portfolio of certified materials, covering PE through to PEEK, gives food producers the assurance of fulfilling the highest safety and quality levels for their food and beverage production systems. The Regulation (EU) 10/2011 is a further development of Directive 2002/72/EC for plastics materials in contact with food, and specifies much stricter test conditions for migration. Within the EU, compliance is required for all food contact materials.

All Quadrant EPP Food Grade semi-finished stock shapes and customized finished parts are processed and handled according to the regulation and to the consistent quality control guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Quadrant EPP accompanies each delivery with complete documentation, from choice of raw material to finished parts. This allows full traceability and also supports customers in reducing their own in-house product testing time and costs.

Customers receive a Declaration of compliance with the order (DCO) according to EN 10204-2.1 that ensures the uninterrupted traceability of the plastic product from the stock shape back to the raw material used by batch. Each production step is tested and documented by Quadrant EPP.

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Opening Ceremony for Indian Production Site / Double-digit Growth Forecast to Continue for Country’s Plastics Industry

High performance plastics specialist Röchling Engineering Plastics KG (Mannheim / Germany) recently celebrated the opening of its first semi-finished thermoplastics production plant in India.

At a late-January ceremony attended by customers, distributors and employees, Ludger Bartels, COO of Röchling Engineering Plastics KG, cut the ribbon to the new site in Savli, just outside of Vadodara in the state of Gujarat. The group’s CEO, Georg Duffner, was also on hand to unveil the cornerstone.

The German company plans for the new facility to produce 1,000 (t) of engineering plastics in 2014 and is already considering additional expansions. In addition, it expects to raise staff levels at the site from a current 40 to 65 within the year. Bartels, who is also head of the high performance plastics division at Röchling, said his company was banking on the country’s potential for strong growth in the coming few years. India’s plastics industry has already grown 13 per cent annually over the last five years and experts anticipate it to continue to experience double-digit growth beyond 2017.

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Nylacast Ltd. Pioneering Spirit Charters a New Course

Nylacast at IPTC2014Currently operating from the United Kingdom with additional manufacturing, distribution and sales facilities in Houston, Pennsylvania and South Africa, Nylacast continues to work closely with Oil majors, service providers and OEMs within the international Oil & Gas Industry.

2014 being the Chinese year of the Horse is based on the ethos of being strong, energetic, warm-hearted and showing unremitting efforts to continuously develop. These are qualities which can certainly be recognised when looking closer at Nylacast. Coupled with continuous development and investment in people and facilities, Nylacast also apply great effort to expanding their geographic markets and working closely with clients and customers to develop and harvest greater working relationships worldwide.

With this in mind, Nylacast is proud to have recently showcased its pioneering materials technology by participating in the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC). This was the 7th edition of the conference which took place in Doha, Qatar in January with more than 67 technical conferences taking place in addition to an exhibition of technological suppliers to the industry.

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Eastman Chemical Company Appoints New CEO

KINGSPORT, Tenn., May 14, 2013 – Eastman Chemical Company announced that the Board of Directors has appointed Executive Vice President Mark J. Costa President effective immediately and Chief Executive Officer effective January 1, 2014. The Board also appointed Costa as a Director, effective immediately, to serve until the Annual Meeting of Stockholders in 2014.

James P. Rogers will continue to serve as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer until January 1, 2014 and then will serve as Executive Chairman of the Board. These actions are the result of the Board’s normal succession planning process.

“Being CEO of Eastman has been a great honor and truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Rogers said. “I am proud of what the entire Eastman team has accomplished over the past several years and I have complete confidence that the company is well positioned to continue delivering consistent, superior value to our stockholders.

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President’s Letter: Board Nominations, Member Congratulations and Conference Insights

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2014. Early economic indicators point to a promising 2014 and I sincerely hope that your year has started well and that your outlook remains strong. The first quarter has seen the snow and ice from 2013 replaced, in some regions, by extraordinary weather conditions with extreme flooding and storms. If you have been affected by the adverse conditions then you have my sympathy and I hope any damage has been repaired and you are now back to full operation.

Board Composition Update

Marko Koljonen, who was previously presented as a candidate for the Board is no longer able to stand for election in May, unfortunately. In addition, having served his two-year term, Alar Künnapuu will be stepping down from the Board. This leaves us with an imbalance in the Distributor – Manufacturer leadership. The bylaws state that the Board must be comprised of at least 51 per cent distributor members, and therefore at least one new distributor member is required to stand for election in May. I am conscious that many of the current 33 distributor members have previously served time on the Board and the pool for new Board members may be limited. I also believe that, as a member, one should play their part in the running of the EPDA and not leave it to a few willing volunteers. Several manufacturers are prepared to stand but this remains a distributor association and unless we change the bylaws, and our strategic vision, new volunteers are required. Serving on the Board is an educational and rewarding experience and there has to be at least one candidate from each member company whose personal and professional development would benefit from serving in such an environment. I urge you to consider standing yourself or nominating a suitable candidate from within your organization. Please contact me directly or any member of the Board or staff for more information.

41st Annual EPDA Conference

At the late October Board meeting in Mainz, and following the Florence conference where we had a retrospective look at 40 years of EPDA, the Board felt a futuristic theme should be explored for this year’s key event. The 41st Annual Conference, to be held in Malmö, Sweden, will include two keynote speakers addressing the development of bioplastics as a sustainable alternative to traditional polymers and explore how the plastics industry will need to adopt a new focus on material efficiency as well as conservation of resources. In addition we will hold three new market segment “Ignite Sessions,” revisit the Distributor/Manufacturer Council sessions (hopefully with individual member presentations), plus introduce the new concept of the “Round Table” discussion, where open debate will take place on pre-selected areas of interest. Further detail may be found on the EPDA website.

I would encourage you to register and attend this conference, as 2014/15 will see a number of fundamental changes to EPDA including the appointment of a new association management company to replace Association Services International (ASI) and a review of the affiliation with IAPD. As a member with voting rights, your input is required in the decision-making process. Passive participation on such key issues is not really an option, so please make an effort to attend personally or send a delegate on your behalf.

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I would like to congratulate two long-standing members of EPDA.

First, Nick Kraguljac was recently honored by the President of the Republic of Austria with the title “Kommerzialrat.” Having accepted the title, Nick is entitled to preside as independent judge in the Austrian court of trade and economic affairs.

Second, Ensinger GmbH was recently voted Top Employer 2014, in a “Focus” survey of around 2,000 medium-size enterprises and corporations in Germany.

Well done to both on a significant achievement and recognition.


The Board has been active in securing new members during 2013/14 and to date we have two new distributor members:


Plus these new manufacturer members:

  2. NUDEC S.A.

I look forward to meeting all four at the May conference where I am sure they will be given a warm welcome by all.

The quarterly “State of the Nation” survey has just been completed, and I hope that you found the time to participate, as the larger the survey, the more comprehensive the result. Results have been published to the members’ only area of the website.

That is all for now, I hope you find the rest of this newsletter of interest and I look forward to welcoming all to Malmö on the 15th May, 2014!

My best regards
David Ladyman
EPDA President

Ensinger GmbH: Best Employer 2014

Apprentices in the Training Workshop

Apprentices in the Training Workshop

The family firm Ensinger GmbH is among Germany’s top employers, according to an online survey of 12,000 employees in the country conducted by the magazine Focus. Companies were divided into different categories for the “Best Employers 2014” study. Plastics processor Ensinger GmbH was ranked top among all enterprises surveyed in the machine and plant engineering business sector.

“We are delighted to have been recognized as Best Employer, this outcome clearly demonstrates the extent to which our employees identify with the company”, says Ensinger GmbH’s Head of HR Achim Lehmann. “All our different locations may consider this excellent outcome as recognition for all the hard work they have put in.”

The family firm endeavours to combine the benefits of its origins as a medium-sized enterprise with the strengths of a continuously growing international company group. Commitment, personal responsibility and respect for the individual have all been deeply rooted values for the company since its formation. Ensinger GmbH allows its employees wide scope for individual decision-making and extends them the confidence and trust they need to develop on every level – both in the administrative and production-related sphere.

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